Day 2 of alternate day fasting!

Daily weigh in- 155 (-2lbs)

Well today is day 2 which means I am on solely lemon water, coffee and tea!

Its going pretty well so far.. I have done 1 day fasts in the past successfully so I think doing it intermittently with healthy eating days will really work for me! 🙂

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A wee history….

So a wee history of what has brought me to this stage in my life! I am a Canadian living in England… I am no stranger living abroad as I grew up mostly in Japan and Thailand… Though it is nice to live somewhere that is English(… Or is it?) native! I have struggled with so many demons in my early life such as alcohol and depression, it’s only really turned more sunny in the last 3 years since moving down from Scotland! I now have a stable and challenging job and a super loving boyfriend…. Bless him! 🙂

The one big obstacle I am still dealing with is my weight…. Sigh!! Though, a lot better… In the last 2 years I have completed 3 marathons and 1 ultra which has brought my weight down to 155, I am now on a journey to 125!

I plan to do this with alternate day fasting along with my daily fitness regime! So one day, which I started yesterday I will consume 1500 cal with protein shakes and salads, the next day only lemon water, green tea and coffee. This is my focus and new challenge! 🙂

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